We are Americans!  By birth, or by naturalization, or by desire, we claim our Independence, our Freedom, from all the forces of Anarchy and Tyranny that would rob us of our Inalienable Rights.  Paramount among our Inalienable Rights are the Right to Life, the Right to Liberty, and the Right to Pursue Happiness.  We claim these and all the Rights granted us by our Creator.  Although we may differ in our understanding of the What and Who, we believe in the One and Only Creator of all that was brought into being - the Author and Guarantor of all our authentic Freedom and Rights. In this sense we are a Religious People.

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About Us

Cry Justice!

by Christopher Blaze

Spokesperson for Apostolic Action, Inc.




These days media content alone is sufficient cause for widespread dis-ease. We argue that much of this dis-ease is because a basic human need is not being met. We believe that one of the major causes of widespread anxiety is the sense of frustration experienced by most human beings in their attempts to pursue happiness – which seems to be frustrated at every level of society manifesting most markedly as poverty.  We believe that  the level of poverty that exists and persists in the world is predominantly   perpetrated poverty – a crime against humanity!  We join our voices with those who argue that widespread ownership of productive or creative property must be at the heart of any public policy aimed at the amelioration of poverty in every culture. The major obstacles here, as we see it, are the many and varied illusions and allusions seemingly accepted by the masses as freedom. We propose to breech this obstacle field by focusing the twin forces of the “universal hunger for freedom” and the “universal thirst for justice” on the problem. The positive way onward remains – and we point to it.  Not unlike the Founders of the U.S.A, who steadfastly steered between the ship of state between the shoals of Tyranny and Anarchy, we point our compass to the just, third way!


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Cry Justice